This week special

Pap and Kaings

Pap with relish and deliciously crisp Kaings

Biltong, Beetroot and Feta Salad

Beetroot, delicious biltong and feta

available on selected days only

Farm yard breakfast

Toast, 2x Bacon, 2x Eggs and cup of coffee

Something different.


Die Ribbok Café offers a different menu than any other.

Our focus is to give you excellent food but also in a good plated way.

Not just another coffee shop on the block.


Our open kitchen allows you to see and smell your food while it is being prepared to the best quality your money can buy.


We are not a fast food restaurant so, your food may take longer but for sure it will be delicious and top quality.


It’s time people return to quality and less quantity.




Pap and Lamb chops


Delicious Prawn salad (available on selected days)

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